Founded in 1991, Polar provides long-term equity capital and management expertise to build growing, well-run and highly profitable businesses.

The firm was rebranded as Polar Equity Partners in 2015 and has been affiliated with Canada’s longest-standing hedge fund firm – Polar Asset Management Partners – since inception.


We invest in businesses that we understand and work with dedicated, strong and principled operating partners. Polar plays an operating role in each investment and focuses on strengthening the day-to-day operations to unlock a company’s true potential for long-term value creation and realization.

The capital we invest is unencumbered by rigid investment mandates or time horizons and the investment decisions are internally made. This gives us the flexibility to evaluate a typical investment situation, be responsive and act quickly so impact on the business is reduced. We invest in businesses that we would be happy to own forever.

Polar is not a passive but rather an active investor of capital, time and energy. Our objective is to make money for our investors and operating partners. Today, Polar continues to pursue investing opportunities as a sponsoring shareholder and operating partner with a select group of companies that are in a stage of transition – selling shareholders; generational transitions; companies facing changing markets, competitive headwinds or enterprise changing growth opportunities.  Polar has been successfully implementing this approach for 25 years.